About Us

Eyüp Kaya, the founder of our companies operating in the environment, energy and waste management sectors, started his business life in the private sector in the fields of investment incentives, export incentives, import permits, company establishments between 1988-1992. With the establishment of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism in 1992, he started to work as an environmental expert in the ministry. He resigned in 1994 and established Serdar Engineering Environment and Consultancy Limited Company.

Within the quarter of the century, Serdar Engineering has prepared hundreds of EIA reports for countless companies in the country including 20% of the top 500 industrial establishments, mainly in the cement and mining sectors, investment permits, non-sanitary enterprise licenses, he has conducted follow-up work. Today, we are currently continuing to provide engineering and consulting services to large scale industrial establishments and ministries of our country in the fields of EIA Report, Environment and Investment Permits and environment, energy and waste management.

Having started to invest in the waste sector in 2004, we started to provide waste recycling and logistics services with our license from the Ministry of Environment in Kahramankazan District of Ankara with our Serhat Waste Recycling Company in accordance with the EU Environmental Legislation. Later, the second plant was established in Kula District of Manisa Province and this facility has being gained to the Aegean region in the name of Süreko waste management. Serhat Waste Recycling Company currently carries out all waste disposal, logistics and field management at its facility in Ankara, including packaging waste sorting, plastic recycling, liquid chemical waste water treatment, production of fuel derived from waste for cement factories.

In 2014 starting investments in the renewable energy sector, the first geothermal resource operating well was opened in Eryaman, Ankara, and it has been used in the thermal health sector and in the field of physical therapy. Our investments in renewable energy sources and energy production from waste are continuing with our Semih Renewable Energy Industry and Trade Incorporation Company and the geothermal operation sites in İzmir Seferihisar and Çeşme Provinces, Biogas energy and compost fertilizer production plant in Salihli.

With the experience of 25 years, our group of companies are progressing as an institutional family company walks towards to the future with the right steps with the aim of rightness, honesty, hard work and reliability in working life. The names Serdar, Serhat and Semih will carry our companies to higher targets in the future. Our target is a planned and stable growth by providing better service every day without sacrificing quality.

Until today, besides the investment location selection, land purchase, EIA Report and Zoning Plan; our investment and industrial establishments that have been carried out as founding partners are presented below.

Medcem Mining Cement Co.

Yeşilovacık Port Operation Inc.

Süreko Waste Management Co.